DB Cleaning Services is now more than prepared and offering a new service. This method of disinfection can be safely used in homes, offices, schools, daycare facilities, gyms, locker rooms, churches, stores and more!

DB will provide hospital-grade disinfectant and a thermal fogging device that uses heat to create a fog-like dry mist that quickly penetrates hard-to-reach areas. It is non-corrosive and EPA approved, safe for any surfaces or electronics. It can be thoroughly applied to any surfaces and objects. This method of disinfection can be done separately, however, it is also recommended to be used in conjunction with a deep cleaning service to ensure more long-lasting results and efficiency.

The spray process is quick and very simple. It takes less than an hour to completely disinfect a space up to 2, sqft. Thereafter it can be repeated once every 6 months if necessary, or when the situation calls for it. For example, if a condition is being kept under control by the fogging such as allergies, dust mites, mold begins to worsen, or if an outbreak of disease or viral infection occurs in the home.

The Thermal Fogging System allows a dry-myst to penetrate everything around, not having to strip anything, the fog will get to all unreachable areas. This method is considered very efficient because, in addition to disinfecting every surface and object it touches, it also eliminates odors and kills mold at the source. It is considered a very efficient method to kill bacteria, pet allergens, get rid of viruses and germs. It helps slow the spread or stop pathogens from hard surfaces ensuring a safer environment for everyone around you.

The Fogging Treatment eliminates odor, mold, dust mites and kills Pick from the available dates on our schedule that best works for you. Our specialist will first prepare the area. We recommend our clients leave the premises during this process to ensure that are no snags and that the treatment is as effective as possible.

Our technician will supply you with a Litmus Paper Test, demonstrating the amount of active ingredient which can be found on the treated surfaces and thus proving to you the efficacy of the treatment and ensuring that there are no pathogens left in the area.

disinfectant fogging service

Door hangers will be used at the entrances to those areas treated indicating the efficacy of the treatment. Skip to content.Cleaning Group Inc. This process will combat the spread of germs, including viruses, to ensure the safety of your workplace. This vital service is not only cost-effective but also endorsed by the Health Services Community to stay healthy in these trying times. The fogging machine dispenses a non-toxic mist into the air that settles, and attacks the biological makeup of harmful contaminates.

The fog is useful in high traffic areas and shared touchpoints like door handles that drasically reduce the risk of infection. The fogging machine dispenses a non-toxic mist into the air that settles, and breaks-down the biological makeup of harmful contaminates.

The fog is very useful in high traffic areas and commonly shared touchpoints like door handles, which reduce the risk of infection. Most contaminates are germs like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The Coronavirus is particular because of its ability to survive in the environment for an extended length of time.

Due to this fact, the virus is highly transmittable and thrives on commonly used surfaces. Disinfectant Fogging is a simple application that introduces an organic disinfecting agent into the air that settles quickly.

The system is also very efficient and can sanitize any workplace within a few hours. A powerful electrostatic sprayer atomizes the molecules of the agent throughout the environment. This process creates a protective barrier on every surface, including all those hard to reach places. Due to this fact, the virus is highly transmittable and active on commonly used surfaces. With over 20 years of cleaning experience, We arrive to disinfect your entire facility with top of the line products to assure everyone is safe.

Research has found that Thymol, which is the active ingredient in Benefects Disinfectant products, demonstrate efficancy against viruses similar to COVID Better yet, the product can be found on the EPA's List N programmaking it the best disinfectant on the market.

CGI understands the impact an emerging pathogen, like Coronavirus can have on our community. As a leader in the cleaning industry, we are prepared to be on the front lines and guarantee that your business can stay healthy in these turbulent times.

Disinfectant Fogging. Disinfectant Fogging Services. Decontaminate your Business. Partner with CGI and let us completely sanitize your business today! Decontaminate your Busniess. Benefits of Disinfectant Fogging. Disinfectant Fogging Effective. The Nature of Contaminates.

Disinfection cleaning & fogging services UK wide.

The Application process. Why is Disinfectant Fogging effective. The Nature of Contaminants.

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The Application Process. Highly Trained Professionals.

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Contact Info.Our Go Fog It proprietary method of disinfectant fogging releases a steady and even stream of droplets in the form of a dense Our process is safe and effective in killing bacteria and viruses to keep your building safe and clean. Thank you Go Fog It for treating our restaurants!

You have increased the safety and confidence of our staff and patrons. In these uncertain and trying times, you are a sense of security that we so need. With your help, we know that our facilities have implemented the highest safety measures possible. Our priority is the health and safety of our patrons, staff and partners — thank you for helping make that possible! A huge thank you to everyone at Go Fog It for disinfecting our work area before we went in to provide service!

Our technicians worked comfortably with peace of mind knowing that you provided us with a safe environment to be in. We appreciated the fresh scent that lingered as well! Thank you! I had Go Fog It come to disinfect our office.

They were very professional and pleasant. They scheduled the appointment and clearly outlined what I had to prepare ahead of time. Their cleaners were polite, came on time, did a walk through before hand to go over what they would be doing. They clearly communicated the whole process. I feel really good that the disinfectant that they used was effective and all natural. I would highly recommend them, as it gives me peace of mind to know that my office is safer place for those who enter, both our staff and those we serve.

They disinfected all the affected areas quickly and left us feeling safe and confident! The scent was nice too. If your business or organization requires you to function during the day, our team will come in the evenings or overnights to prevent business disruption.

Your space, made safe today. Get your office, residence, retail or industrial space disinfected with our Benefits of Disinfectant Fogging Our Go Fog It proprietary method of disinfectant fogging releases a steady and even stream of droplets in the form of a dense Fast It takes only one hour to fully disinfect the average business.

Environmental Green and healthy products to protect the Earth. Smells Great Your space will not only be disinfected but will smell fresh and clean. Office Spaces. Manufacturing food and materials. Apartments and Condos. Long-Term Care Homes. Personal Residences. Get Your Space Disinfected. Book an Appointment. Common Questions. What's the Go Fog It Process?

Can I have my space fogged in the evenings or overnight? How should I prepare my space? Close all windows and doors in your space.Schedule with Confidence, First Impressions Facility Services offers a disinfectant fogging service to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Experts Tell Us The Best Way to Clean a COVID-19 Area

Our disinfectant fogging service is very helpful if someone is already sick in the house, whether they have a common cold, flu or coronavirus to help prevent spreading. We use PureGreen24 Disinfectant Spray Plus which is a water-based bactericide, fungicide, deodorizer, and antimicrobial all in one unique formulation.

You can safely re-enter the area in as little as an hour after application. The fog can penetrate into hard to reach areas and leaves no residue. PureGreen24 Germicidal Cleaner is a hospital grade disinfectant and odor controller that does all the following :. Just one application kills allergy- and disease-causing germs, fungi, mold, and mildew. It kills odor-causing bacteria, including gram negative bacteria — the bacteria encountered in sewage backups and toilet overflow situations. One disinfectant fogging provides long-lasting residual protection, so it keeps working, preventing germs and fungi from growing on surfaces long after application.

Major insurance companies recognize PureGreen24 Disinfectant Spray for treatment on water losses. PureGreen24 Disinfectant Spray Plus is EPA registered for many decontamination applicationsincluding water damage restoration, sewage backups, toilet overflow situations, and more.

It is also EPA registered for both spray and fogging applications. Unlike conventional cleaning methods, our state-of-the-art technology uses fog and electrostatic sprayers to purify the entire enclosure using micro particles which enter hard to reach areas and maximize coverage.

A Guide To Disinfectant Fogging

Fogging purifies the space to remove contamination and thereby limits the spread. All this results in greater efficiency and stronger results in a fraction of the time. Call First Impressions Facility Services to book your appointment!

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At First Impressions Facility Services, the primary use of disinfectants is to eliminate or greatly reduce microbial pathogens and thus prevent the transmission of disease and illness.

Most pathogens can survive or persist on surfaces for months and can thereby be a continuous source of transmission if no regular preventive surface disinfection is performed. When deciding where to disinfect, you must consider guidelines established by governmental, regulatory agencies or your infection prevention team. Disinfectant Fogging.Our professionals are actively wiping, spraying, fogging, and applying an EPA registered disinfectant using CDC protocols.

ECOS has over 15 years experience cleaning biological contaminants viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Simply put, we clean and apply an EPA registered disinfectant to your property to reduce illnesses, cross contamination, and downtime in your operations. As the coronavirus spreads faster than fire, everyday a new medical term is entering the glossary.

Understanding the transmission and analyzing the statistics of the growth, the World Health Organization W. So, how does an epidemic and pandemic differ? But what do they mean? This blog will take you through clinical words and phrases essential to understand COVID and its latest developments. According to the World Health Organization W.

Oan epidemic is an illness that outbreaks in a region unexpectedly. Unlike normal diseases, epidemics spread without any warning and effects a set of population above normal expectations.

COVID started as an epidemic from the city of Wuhan, China but was declared as a pandemic as it spread across more than countries worldwide. A disease which spreads worldwide is regarded as a pandemic. According to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the W. Coronaviruses are referred to a group of viruses that are present in both human and animals. As viruses cannot be killed, researchers are trying to figure out antidots that could distort their proteins and cease infection.

As the COVID continues to spread around the world, a chart has gone viral that can make people understand the speed and scale of the pandemic. When the curve is high, it means the virus is spreading rapidly. It also portrays the increasing number of deaths and lack of medical care. On the other hand, a low wave represents slow development.

When it is low, it means medical teams have both time and resources to treat and save more lives. Now that the disease has spread over most continents, a state of emergency has been declared over most of the infected countries. So, when does a state call of an emergency? The have called for emergency as an initiative to take preventive measures and protect the public from infection. These states are putting up emergency regulations and reallocating funds to diminish the spread of the disease.

The incubation period is referred to the time for symptoms to appear as a person gets infected with a disease.

disinfectant fogging service

Clinically, this period is very critical for prevention and control. If an individual has symptoms, it allows the health officials to put that person under observation or quarantine.This is a sanitizing service that can help kill germs and viruses that live on the surfaces of different spaces. We all know how quickly viruses and germs can spread, but disinfectant fogging can help to keep everyone who comes in and out of your space safe!

There is never a bad time to disinfect your space, especially if you live at home with kids, own a child care center, work at a hospital, or teach on a college campus. And with everything the world is currently going through, now is a great time to try disinfectant fogging in your space!

Disinfectant fogging works differently.

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Our electrostatic technology introduces negatively charged electrodes into our disinfectant. When sprayed, the disinfectant is attracted to surfaces, effectively allowing every corner and surface to be well-covered. Results have proven that this solution eliminates It is non-toxic, as well as child and pet safe.

Commercial Disinfecting Services

First, we perform a disinfectant cleaning of your home then fog the area. For a typical two-bedroom and two-bath home, the fogging process takes approximately one hour immediately after the cleaning. People and Chemical fogging produces a fine mist that remains suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. It also eliminates pathogens on touchpoints, such as doors, cabinet handles, handrails, light switches, shared electronics, etc.

This sanitizing fog can also reach places like ceilings, walls, furniture, and floors. It can disinfect nooks and crannies and areas that may be difficult to clean otherwise.

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We simply swab the surface with our mobile test kit and instantly validate surface hygiene, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary. Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects.

Cleaning works by using soap or detergent and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects.

disinfectant fogging service

Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection. Sanitizing lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements.

This process works by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces or objects to lower the risk of spreading infection. We use CDC and EPA-approved industrial-strength disinfectant products with broad-spectrum kill claims, to eliminate viruses.

Kristina's clean staff will wear proper PPE and follow all guidelines. We can help get your spaces safe and sanitized so that you can stop the spread of viruses and germs.

Disinfectant Fogging.More importantly, improper application of the disinfectant can lead to a false sense of security, an increase in health hazards and not be effective at reducing the risk of the spread of COVID Most of these cleaners require that a surface be cleaned with either a soap and water mixture or detergent. Once dry, the surface should then be sprayed to help combat common germs and viruses on surfaces. For example, by wiping the surface, the friction caused by the application of the disinfectant with towels ensures maximum contact with the virus, which will lead to the greatest risk reduction.

Chemical fogging: Applying chemical disinfectants to production areas as fogs or mists is a method used routinely in the food industry. The purpose is to create and disperse a disinfectant aerosol to reduce the numbers of airborne micro-organisms and also to apply disinfectant to surfaces that may be difficult to reach. Fogging is achieved using either a static, purpose-built system in a factory area with strategically placed nozzles or, more commonly, a mobile unit.

The equipment supersaturates the atmosphere with a disinfectant fog; the area covered will vary depending on the application system being used. Under typical conditions, fogging is carried out for a minimum of 15—30min to enable the fog to disperse and the chemical action to occur.

After fogging, an additional period of 45—60min is required to allow the droplets to settle out of the air and onto the surfaces. These are just examples of typical prices in the USA this varies from cleaning company, state, city. Cleaning and disinfecting are essential measures for managers of buildings to making areas contaminated by the corona-virus safe and to quickly return them to normal use.

Professional disinfection services have the techniques, tools and most appropriate products to disinfect areas to make them safe and return them to use as quickly as possible.

disinfectant fogging service


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